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Where to Practice Yoga in Thailand


Yoga Thailand!

Yoga in Thailand? Just picture it: a fresh coconut –maybe even a cocktail– following that grueling but memorable class by the side of the ocean with a view of majestic limestone crags in the distance. Need I say more to convince you to come to Thailand for yoga? Well, I will, because fresh coconuts and the beach don’t even begin to cover it.

Let’s start with the quality of the instructors available in this country. A variety of stellar yoga instructors make the rounds through Thailand on a surprisingly frequent basis. A number of world-class instructors even make Thailand their home. This guarantees that whenever you plan your trip, be it high, low, rainy, dry, or cold season, there will be a wealth of workshops and retreats to choose from. Not to mention, the average price for a 90-minute class is $7 compared to $20+ in other countries.

What’s more, amazing instructors teaching in thriving studios inevitably create bustling communities. The familiarity which can often take years of nursing in New York one can receive on his first visit to a studio here. It’s not uncommon or unheard of for classes to go out for meals together after practicing, and the welcoming, calm sabai sabai attitude of Thailand applies to its yogis. You’ll never feel like your neighbor is competing with your downward dog. Instead, it feels like everyone’s working together to help you surpass your expectations of what you can achieve.


Yoga Thailand!

This next reason’s a big one and can be summarized in one word: Thailand. It’s come a long way to shed its reputation for sex tourism, and a little time spent wisely will ensure you’ll never want to leave. There’s too much to write to cover it all, but here’s a taste of everything waiting for you: picturesque quarries to swim in  too many waterfalls to count, cold fresh coconuts on a blazing hot day, thousands of lanterns in the night sky, majestic temples fruit that looks like it should be in Avatar, deep fried grasshoppers, kindness from strangers who’ll go out of their way to help a lost foreigner, lush jungle in the background and idyllic beach in the foreground, and the culinary universe of Thai cooking.

I’ve caught your eye, haven’t I? Well, to help in the planning, here’s a rundown of the main Thai yoga hubs:


The verdict’s out: Bangkok is now the most visited city on this planet. So yes, it’s a bustling metropolis and not quite what comes to mind when you think “relaxing yoga holiday” but the instructors are fierce and the studios dedicated. Keep an eye out for Yoga Elements.

Koh Phangan

Ah, this is more like it if you were thinking beach. This island shares its vibrant yoga scene with the full moon madness, but it’s also home to some world-renown centers including the World Headquarters of Agama Yoga and The Sanctuary, a breathtaking resort that also offers detox, spa, and, duh, yoga.

Chiang Mai

With a population of roughly 200,000, Chiang Mai is Northern Thailand’s largest city. Its sweeping mountains, plentiful waterfalls, and calm vibe have stolen many hearts. I have such a sweet spot for this place I couldn’t limit myself to a couple of sentences and have to write an entire post on where to do yoga in Chiang Mai.

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